What Geriatric Services Did with Your Contribution

July 2023

The impact in one year of your contribution is significant. THANK YOU!

Geriatric Services, Inc. submitted its proposal, timeline, and projected budget and meticulously followed all aspects.  Their timeline was maintained from its inception in May-June 2022 through and including March-April 2023.  They presented three goals with measurable outcomes and accomplished each one.

Geriatric Services forged strong relationships with various financial and legal experts to participate in community-based educational workshops and seminars in eight municipalities of Bergen County. Speakers included Bergen County Prosecutor, elder law attorney, financial advisor, program directors, senior relationship bankers, certified daily money manager, certified public accountant, senior living advisor, and an Associate Professor from Rutgers University whose research interests are gerontology, retirement, and financial well-being.

Consumer reviews of the programs have been very positive. Feedback has been that women leave the sessions better informed and more comfortable broaching complex and sensitive topics with family members and friends and empowered to make decisions or changes within their spending habits, budgets, and legal/financial documents.

The staff at Geriatric Services has been a resource to many women. After each education session, numerous women often approached licensed social workers to inquire about their needs. In addition, they have provided individual counseling to over 40 women

assisting with securing needed benefits and financial resources that they were eligible for but still need to enroll in, helping them to reduce monthly costs. Benefits include pharmaceutical assistance, Medicare savings programs, SNAP (formerly known as food stamps), energy assistance programs, and tax relief programs. Participants who attended the

education sessions were also offered the opportunity to join Geriatric Service Senior Checks Program, a money management program, to receive regular in-person assistance.

Not only did these workshops reach almost 200 women, but Geriatric Services had the foresight to record all of them and make a library of resources to continue to reach women who might not be able to attend live presentations. If interested, check out Geriatric Services Youtube recordings.

Topics include financial wellness 101, financial senior scams, budgeting101, elder law, Medicare and Medicaid, paper clutter, digital literacy and safe online shopping, Medicare and identity fraud, retirement planning, financial preparedness, and senior housing.

The Administrative staff of this agency, Elizabeth Davis, Executive Director,

E.J. Vizzi, Program Director, and Liz Fischetti, Development Manager, were very welcoming, energetic, and knowledgeable.  They truly believed in advocating and providing services to the senior population.  On our visits to one of their sites, Brightside Manor, the team provided tours and presented us with flyers advertising their upcoming and past workshops. They repeatedly asked how WUIP members could be involved in their programs.  Disappointingly, we are still determining if this ever became a reality. This type of engagement should be a goal for WUIP and future grantees. The team’s energy and commitment were palpable. As requested by WUIP, Geriatric Services presented timely midyear reports and updated budgets. Overall, the experience was very rewarding.  It culminated in a live presentation by the Geriatric Services team at one of our early Third Thursday Happy Hours.

Kudos to the Grants Committee!!!!  Once again, WUIP has met the needs of empowered women!

Dr. Geri Gibbia and Maryrose McInerney

2022 WUIP Liaisons

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