Disaster and Crisis Support:
The Compassion Fund

The Compassion Fund (formerly known as the Disaster Relief Fund) was created by the Borg family following the terrorist attack of September 11th. Their company North Jersey Media Group was one of the first in the world to respond and establish a fundraising vehicle for the victims and their families affected by the tragedy. The majority of funding for the Disaster Relief Fund initially came from the sale and usage of the North Jersey Media Group/The Record’s world-famous photograph of three firefighters raising the American flag at Ground Zero

This photograph has become a global message that life, and America, will go on.

In the early years, the Disaster Relief Fund donated a half-million dollars in financial assistance to people in New Jersey who had lost incomes or jobs in lower Manhattan as a result of the September 11th attack. Donations were made to develop educational materials for use in schools to help explain the tragic events to students. Since then, it has provided help to communities and families facing disasters and community crises—like Hurricane Sandy and the COVID-19Pandemic. 

Today, with a new name, The Compassion Fund provides financial support to frontline organizations helping victims of disasters or crises with food, clothing, shelter, help with medical needs assistance, and with restoration of property damage restoration, to name just a few. The Women’s Foundation of New Jersey is committed to continuing the Borg family’s commitment to helping people in these times of unexpected and extraordinary need.

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