Notes from Volunteering with WUIP’s most recent grantee

Hello everyone,

One of our WUIP members, Dr. Geri Gibbia, recently began to volunteer her time with WUIP’s most recent grantee, The Food Brigade. She had some notes to share with everyone about her experience.

Hello friends, March 8, 2024

Just wanted  to share with you that I have begun to volunteer at the Food Brigade in Dumont. When I went this week, I told them that I was a member of WUIP and reminded them that we had given them the $40,000 grant with which they were able to purchase their Mercedes van.  They couldn’t have been more grateful and said the van has made a significant difference for their program.

The program is awesome!!!! In January alone, they fed over 7,000 individuals.  I’ve never seen so many pallets of food and such a stocked food pantry.  Their system is outstanding and helps so many!!!!

The grants committee made a great decision in funding them. 



Hi friends,     March 21, 2024

Yesterday I went to the Food Brigade for the third time. Each time I’ve gone, I take a different shift to learn the entire process. Yesterday, I was there from 3:30 to 7:00 pm. We fed 256 families!! Their program is incredible. Every time I go, Karen introduces me as the woman who gave them the van…along with 39 others…lol. 

We did well! 

Happy Spring,


Thank you, Geri! It’s always amazing to hear about WUIP funds in action and how appreciative organizations are to receive our support.

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