WUIP 2023 Grant Fund

Dear Members and Friends,

Happy New Year! I hope you enjoyed a lovely holiday and are ready for 2023. Here at Women United, as we turned the calendar ahead, we closed one grant pot and started the next. Our 2022 WUIP grant fund closed on Dec. 31 with $40,000, and we opened our 2023 grant fund on January 1 with several member checks waiting to be deposited. I’m proud of us for being able to do this, and I thank you all for paying your gift by the end of the year. We’ll award the 2022 funds at our members meeting this upcoming May.

Now I turn attention to those of you who like to pay your annual membership dues through automatic monthly credit card payments. (Those of you who like to send a check, or pay with a one-time credit card charge, thank you but you don’t have to read this email!)

While I know it’s early in the year to think about this, we have to start our monthly credit card donors in January in order to have membership gifts paid in full by Dec. 31. Doing so allows you to keep your monthly contribution as small as possible ($84 for 12 months to equal $1,000 by Dec. 31), and allows you to reauthorize your gift each year without interruptions to your monthly payments.

If you would like to set up a monthly credit card or direct bank withdrawal payment plan, starting in January, please click here to open our secure Kindful CRM payment screen. Please fill in the amount you wish to be charged monthly (some members give more than $1,000 as a membership gift. If you do, please divide your gift by 12 and enter that amount in the “other” box.) Fill in the required information on both screens and hit the submit button. We will start your credit card payments (or direct bank withdrawal) as soon as the system notifies us.

We are working hard to find ways for you to make your membership gifts and donations easily. As we build this new system, I appreciate your feedback. Of course, we always welcome check payments and one-time credit card payments, and we can even make a special link for those of you who prefer a quarterly payment plan, as well. Just let us know.

Thank you all for your ongoing support of this incredible circle, especially in these first years as we stand on our own two feet. If you have any thoughts, feedback or questions, please email me at maxineframpton@womensfoundationnj.org or Allie at allie@womensfoundationnj.org. Here’s to 2023! Best,

Maxine Frampton
Women’s Foundation of New Jersey

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