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Women’s Foundation of New Jersey is a charitable organization that fosters philanthropic responses to the needs of our New Jersey community.  We do this through research, programs, advocacy, and grant making. 

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Our Approach

The Collective: Women United in Philanthropy

New Jersey’s first women’s giving circle, harnessing the collective power of women to create change in their communities. Based on the principle of “one gift, one vote”, Women United members award high-impact grants to fund innovative solutions to the economic challenges facing women in New Jersey.

Responding to Disaster and Crisis: The Compassion Fund

Created in 2001 to support North Jersey families following 9/11, The Compassion Fund helps communities throughout New Jersey cope in times of sudden disasters or community crisis. Grants support front-line workers and resources aimed at expanding care to those in critical need.

Fighting Food Insecurity: Action Against Hunger

With an ever-growing awareness of hunger in our communities, Action Against Hunger is a funding initiative aimed at mobilizing resources to bring food to people who need it and to identify and address the underlying issues that cause hunger in our community.

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  • Join our women’s giving collective as a member. 

    Membership in Women United in Philanthropy is open to anyone who identifies as a woman, subscribes to our values, and is interested in supporting women’s collective giving and a more equitable future for New Jersey. JOIN OR RENEW WUIP MEMBERSHIP >>

  • Make a contribution to support our work. 

    As a public charity, we raise every dollar we invest. Donors are critical partners in our philanthropic activismEveryone is invited to participate in our work by making an unrestricted or restricted gift or by sponsoring an WFNJ event or program. MAKE A DONATION >>

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